Introducing the world’s lightest performance-off-road motorcycle.  From 132 lb / 60 kg ready-to-ride!

Is this the ultimate singletracker?

If you’ve ridden mountain bikes and motorcycles, you’ll easily understand how the FX Mountain Moto crosses over to fill the gap.  It’s the best of both worlds and a whole new category of motorcycle and riding experience!

Our FX5 motos have the riding position of a full-size enduro motorcycle, but a much lower seat height at 32″ /  813mm and half the weight, from an unbelievable 132 lb / 60 kg!

Beware of cheap imitations.  The 2015 FX5 will be made in Italy by 12-time-world-championship-winning HM Moto with a TIG-welded chrome moly frame by chassis suppliers to KTM and Yamaha, motocross shocks by Olle or Ohlins, trials motorcycle forks and brakes by Formula of Italy, motocross wheel rims by Excel of Japan, handlebars by Renthal and controls by Domino.

Full details on models, features, prices and how to pre-order can be found below.

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The FX Mountain Moto is perfect for seasoned adventure riders to explore virgin territory, or for virgin dirt bike riders to explore a whole new world of adventure!

FX plus luggage equals dirt bike


Reviews and Testimonials

Malcolm Smith, moto legend and friend of FX Bikes. (Image from
Malcolm Smith

“This bike handles REALLY steep hills REALLY well! … I’ve been designing a bike like this in my head for 10 years, and you’ve done it…better than I could have done”

Malcolm Smith – Legendary Baja, hillclimb, trials…champion, star of On Any Sunday with Steve McQueen

John "JK" Kirkcaldie test riding a 2nd generation FX Mountain Moto in Dirt Rider USA
John “JK” Kirkcaldie, Dirt Rider USA

“Amazing…unbelievable. Its sort of the best of both worlds really. Pretty awesome. The possibilities are endless really with this thing. Dirt jump it and race it on a track, or just go trail riding for hours would probably be the most fun. A full size motocross bike would do damage to the track, but it wouldn’t be fun to ride it because its…not nimble enough, but this is just like riding a downhill bike…shuttle yourself”

John Kirkcaldie – 2-time US Downhill mountain bike champion, ex motocross racer (check out a video review by JK here)

Ryan Dudek in Cycleworld

“[The FX] is perfect for cutting through uncharted territory, light enough to lift over fences, fast enough to keep you smiling and just big enough for real trail rides.”

Cycleworld Magazine USA

“[FX Bikes] may well revolutionize not only dirt bikes but also BMX and mountain bikes. The Team FX could easily become the most fun toy you could get your hands on.”

Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine

“Are FX Bikes’ Machines the Beginning of Super-light, Super-fun Dirt Bikes?”

Dirt Rider Magazine USA

Shayne King testing an FX-3 Mountain Moto
Shayne King

“This bike is a weapon! It feels just like a motocross bike, but with all the fun of it being lightweight and easy to ride like a mountain bike.”

Shayne King – 1996 World 500cc Motocross Champion

“The ‘FX Bike’ is unique. It let’s you enjoy riding in places that neither a dirt bike or mountain bike can. How sweet is that!”

Josh Coppins – 2005 MX1 world championship 2nd place

” I’m just going wherever I want to go, it doesn’t matter what’s in your way, it just goes straight through it, its unbelievable.”

Brendon Miers – 1998 New Zealand 250cc 4-stroke Motocross Champion (watch a video review of an FX4 by Brendon here)

” Everything is a playground! …on a motocross bike or enduro based bike, I would’ve gone home ages ago.”

Hayden McKay – motocross and supercross champion (check out one of Hayden’s FX test ride videos here)

FX Bikes David Pingree testing a 2nd generation Mountain Moto
David Pingree

” Awesome!”

David “Ping” Pingree – supercross and supermoto champion

How does this compare to your KLX for riding around this kind of trail (tight forest singletrack and obstacle course)? “Oh you’d be sick of it by now. This thing…you don’t even think about it, you just ride it! The old heavy beast you’d be absolutely worn out by now.”

David Jobe – former Honda motocross team manager (watch the video here)

“For me this is just a really enjoyable tool that can take me completely away from the rest of civilization”

Bruce Everett – had always ridden road motorcycles until trying the FX (more on Bruce’s video here)

They will most likely create their own segment in the fun category… the learner category… they could even begin a new sport… Then there is freestyle… a new sneaker to grab an afternoon ride… An urban assault vehicle for sure!”

Dirt Rider Magazine USA

McLennan_FXbikes_257 540w

*FX5 Off-Road Gold Edition pictured. Final production specifications subject to change.

FX5 2015 Pricing Table Steel Gold Titanium 2 13NOV2014

Features and Benefits

  • As super-lightweight as 132lb (60kg) ready-to-ride means a totally new kind of riding and exploration – ride, carry, walk, lift, float over otherwise impassable obstacles
  • 132lb means 1 or 2 FX motos can be carried on a suitable vehicle-mounted carrier
  • Standard 125cc 4-stroke 4-speed engine (recommended) has plenty of power and torque to climb REALLY steep hills easily with the largest of riders in control.  Easy to start, low maintenance, super-economical, and with spares, hop-ups and replacement engines available worldwide from $400 retail, this is the ultimate ultralight powerplant
  • Automatic (centrifugal) clutch with left-hand-rear-brake as standard.  Shift gears with your left foot without needing to pull in a manual clutch, freeing up your left hand for 1- or 2-finger control of the rear brake.  Manual clutch options on some models.
  • 32” seat height is unique for a high-spec dirt bike, virtually anyone can touch the ground when they need to and have superior control over extreme terrain
  • Tested and evaluated by NZ Army and Special Forces, NZ Police Search and Rescue, US Army, US Navy SEALs, champions of motocross, Supercross, enduro, trials, Downhill mountain biking, BMX…and people who’ve never ridden motorcycles in their life!

Features and specifications subject to change.  See for full specifications.

Pre-Order Now From US$3995 Ex Works Italy!

After years of research, development and testing, our fifth generation Mountain Moto, the world’s lightest performance-off-road motorcycle, is almost ready for production in Italy with our manufacturing partners, 12-time-world-championship-winning HM Moto.

Join us now as a Team FX Development Rider from $3995 Ex Works Italy with your understanding that spare parts may need to be shipped to you from the US or Italy.  Your responsibility as a Development Rider is to share with us as much rider feedback, photos and video as you can!

How Pre-Ordering Works

Pre-ordering for soon-to-be-released products has exploded in recent years with the growth of rewards-based crowdfunding sites Kickstarter, Indiegogo and others.

Even more recently, companies like Navdy are running major crowdfunding programs by taking pre-orders through their own websites using Tilt Open, the industry leader for white label crowdfunding.

FX Bikes is using Tilt in the same way to securely process your pre-order as we prepare for production.

Shipping Costs

Our shipping terms are EX WORKS INTROBIO ITALY.  You can find a full definition of EX WORKS at this link.  In short, it is a commonly used shipping term which means that you, the customer, are responsible for delivery from our factory in Italy, insurance, customs and any applicable duties or sales taxes.  But don’t worry, prior to delivery FX will provide you with a single-payment quotation for us to arrange delivery to your door or to your dealer.  You are also welcome to arrange shipping yourself, or to come and collect your FX from our factory.

To help you plan for delivery of your FX Mountain Moto, we’ve put together this rough set of estimates of costs.  We’ll provide you with a quotation closer to delivery, and we will update this table when new information comes to light.

Auto-clutch with left-hand-rear-brake comes standard!

There is a major shift in off-road motorcycle racing and recreation towards automatic clutches, led by aftermarket auto-clutch maker, Rekluse.  From our extensive testing of the FX Mountain Moto with riders from world champion to beginner level, we’ve found that even die hard manual clutch users grow to prefer auto-clutch, especially when they start to use the super-lightness of the FX to tackle super-technical situations like river crossings and goat tracks.  So, to keep with our “mountain motorcycle” design philosophy, we decided to offer 125cc 4-speed auto-clutch with left-hand-rear-brake as factory standard.

Just to be clear, automatic clutch (also known as centrifugal clutch) allows you to shift gears with the normal left-foot control without the need to pull in a left-hand clutch lever.  This frees up your left hand to use a rear brake lever instead, just like on a mountain bike, giving you 1- or 2-finger control over back wheel braking.  It is kind of like playing a piano with your foot in a boot compared to using your fingers…the level of control is vastly improved.  Of course, you can now brake while your right foot is off the footpeg, when you have your foot down to slide the bike, or when you are walking or manoeuvring your FX moto up or down a super-steep track or over a fallen tree or rock garden.  The engine keeps on running in gear so the throttle can be used to drive the bike forward and even pop the front wheel up while you stand beside it.  And unlike some aftermarket auto-clutches, the FX system has full engine braking.

Everything is a trade-off of course, and the loss of clutch control for some riders is too much of a perceived loss (especially if they haven’t tried auto-clutch).  And our current auto-clutch is only suitable for our standard 125cc engines, so for our customers who want to install larger engines or who just prefer manual clutch, we’ll supply a kit with left-hand clutch lever and right-foot-rear-brake pedal.  In the medium term we’ll develop 150cc and 190cc auto-clutch engines…by then perhaps everyone will want left-hand-rear-braking!

g500 benz

FX5 Dual-Sport Kit

Many of our wait list customers want a road legal version of the FX5 Mountain Moto.  Our motorcycles will comply with off-road motorcycle regulations such as EPA emissions tests and USFS spark arrestors, but we have not yet had the time to gain compliance for our upcoming license-plate-ready Dual models.  So, we are putting together an optional Dual-Sport Kit including the following:

  • Acerbis DOT-approved headlight with high/low beam
  • Acerbis rear fender with integrated DOT-approved tail light and license plate mount
  • DOT-approved turn signals
  • DOT-approved tires
  • Wiring harness
  • Horn
  • Battery with frame mount
  • Speedometer with sensor
  • Brake controls with brake-light sensors
  • Domino handlebar switch controls including key-ignition

The FX5 Dual-Sport Kit is available only with the purchase of an FX5 Mountain Moto and requires installation (warranty applies to items found to be defective prior to installation, or to all items installed by an FX-approved service agent).  Items such as tires may come fitted.  Installation of the dual-sport kit is not guaranteed to result in a street-legal compliant motorcycle.  It is the customer’s responsibility to check local regulations prior to purchase.

FX5 in Development at Harris Performance MotoGP Engineers FX5 in Development at Harris Performance MotoGP Engineers


FX-Works Engine Upgrade

Customers who purchase FX5 Gold or Titanium Edition Mountain Motos have an FX-Works engine upgrade included in their premium package.  FX-Works is a small division of FX Bikes in Italy that specializes in making-over our standard 125cc engines with upgrades such as:

  • Port and polish for improved horsepower and performance
  • Dyno testing and carb/jetting adjustments
  • High-tensile bolt kit installed
  • Improved flywheel, alternator and side covers installed


Rather than re-invent the wheel, FX provides an industry-standard off-road motorcycle warranty based on the likes of Yamaha’s YZ series.  See for details.

Risks and Challenges

We have worked extremely hard to ready this product for full-scale manufacturing and fulfillment, but here are what we see as the risks:

MANUFACTURING: Creating the tooling to manufacture a product of this type is expensive and requires expert knowledge to get it right. There is typically a 90 day lead time to create the tools, set up robotic welding and so on, and this is where delays could occur. To minimize that possibility we’re working with manufacturing partners with a track record for prompt quality.

PRODUCT ADJUSTMENTS: As the FX gets geared up for production, there will likely be some minor adjustments to improve the final product. Further pre-production prototypes will be made to test and refine the product and allow us to incorporate our adjustments and those suggested by experienced manufacturing partners. These will always be for the benefit of you, the rider, and we will let you know exactly how and why any are made.

FULFILLMENT: Sometimes things go awry that can’t be planned for: a supplier misses a deadline, a machine breaks down, or a shipment gets lost. Those things could cause a delay. To minimize the possibility of manufacturing setbacks we will enter the manufacturing stage with at least one back-up supplier for each component pre-located and our product commercialization experts will help ensure smooth sailing from our suppliers and factories.

We are working with manufacturers who have years of experience delivering excellent products in tremendous quantities. There will no doubt be some surprises along the road, but any obstacle will be addressed by combining our internal knowledge with external expertise, and an overall goal of making the best possible product for you.

Any pre-order brings us one step closer to our goal. Help us take the Mountain Moto from prototype to production by clicking the ‘Pre-Order Now’ button below the model of your choice, or by helping us spread the word by sharing our Facebook page or website.

THANK YOU for your support!

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