2013 Mission

As usual the blog is playing 2nd fiddle to our Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/fxbikes) but here’s a quick update.

Late last year I moved to Milwaukee USA indefinitely and have been working here and in Europe to move FX Bikes to the next level.

The plan is to locate operations in Milwaukee with our business partner and Chief Technical Officer, Michael Hillman, former Vice President of Harley-Davidson.

Many of our super-lightweight components come from Europe, especially Italy, so we’re working there to secure economical supply lines.

We hope to have the next generation FX5 model ready for production this year…BUT it will take a significant boost of investment capital to launch full scale manufacturing.

You can help by signing up as many friends as you can onto our wait list (www.fxbikes.com/sales) and spreading the word in general.

Happy New Year.

Mike Hodgkinson

Founder, FX Bikes