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Engine research at MiniMotoSX Las Vegas

The new range of FX5 Mountain Motos is designed to use any of the Honda and Honda-clone pit bike, monkey bike, Madass, postie bike and CT-range off-road motorcycle engines, from 125cc up to 190cc.

We’ve been researching these engines for years and have tested in our early generation prototypes: Honda CRF50, Honda-Takegawa 88cc, Honda-Kitaco 125cc, Daytona Japan 125cc, Jialing 125cc, Lifan 125cc, YX 125cc and others.

We’re now installing a Daytona Japan 190cc into our current FX5 pre-production model, and we are setting the whole bike up to take this maximum amount of power…from the sprockets, chain, hubs, spokes, rim locks and tires through to the suspension, chassis and brakes.

The problem with larger capacity race oriented engines is that they tend to be less user friendly and less durable.  This is one reason I visited the largest minimoto / pit bike race in the world…so I could go back to the pits and ask the riders and teams how their engines are going for them.

BBR seemed to win the most races running the Daytona 190cc, but there was strong competition from other teams using Daytona, the Chinese brands, and the Italian CNC-machined Bucci (rhymes with Gucci, and priced around the same level).


Kenny Roberts at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering 2013

Chatting with William Weslow at Moto Scoot in Milwaukee about my upcoming engine-research trip to the MiniMotoSX world championship in Las Vegas, he tells me he’s heading to the Quail Show in Monterey and I should come along to meet some good people in the industry.

Little did I know that when I got there I’d be talking with motorcycle legends Kenny Roberts, Wayne Rainey, Mert Lawwill, and Miguel Galluzzi!

I spent the most time chatting with Kenny Roberts.  One of his Team KR MotoGP frame builders, New Zealander Shaun Raven, built the first FX prototypes up to the 3rd generation FX3.

Kenny was a bit grumpy after battling the system for so many years, for example to regain US mastery in moto racing, partly by developing a strong base of dirt racers to feed into road / GP racing, as was the case in his and Wayne Rainey’s time.

I totally agree that learning and mastering motorcycling off road is the key to highly skilled tarmac riding, for both racing and street.  The last place you want to try learning how to handle a slide is when you least expect it on a highway.

The Quail show was excellent.  Monterey is an amazing location for it.  The harbor is teaming with life…we saw a huge sea otter cruising through the marina on its back holding some morsel of food…and the Carmel Valley where the Quail Resort is situated is surrounded by lush green hills that would be perfect for FX riding, but some are reserves and others are private land…time to get to know the property owners!

Check out some of the amazing bikes on show, including Wayne Rainey’s world championship winning Yamaha in original condition, which rightly won best in show.

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Quick FX update

We’ve been working hard, setting up all our new parts suppliers in Italy and laying these all out into the designs for the new generation FX5.

We’ll be building pre-production prototypes soon and all going well there will be a limited edition run of custom built bikes available by the end of the year and full production starting in 2014.

A lot still has to fall into place on time, but its looking very promising.