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New specifications for next-gen FX5

FX started as a kind of motorized mountain bike but after extensive testing discovered that even the most extreme Downhill bicycle suspension, brakes, wheels, tires etc. were not capable of the kind of performance and durability our test riders and customers wanted.

So now there are virtually zero bicycle components on our new FX5 models, except for the Downhill handlebars!  It’s been a major development job to keep the ready-to-ride weight anywhere near our 125 lb / 57 kg target, but we’re very close.

Check out the latest component list and specs at

Downhill bars are the last mountain bike parts left on the FX

Downhill bars are the last mountain bike parts left on the FX

Photos of next-gen FX in development at MotoGP engineers Harris Performance

FX Bikes is developing its next-generation FX5 production models at Harris Performance in the UK.

Harris is a famous name in motorcycles. They ran the Suzuki World Superbike team for 3 years, have built and raced many a MotoGP bike, are official technical support for Ohlins suspension, and they design and manufacture a range of very high end frames and accessories.

They also know their enduro and trials bikes, and now they are discovering all about the super-lightweight world of Mountain Moto!

We can only show sneak peeks until designs are registered sorry!  Full photo gallery and latest updates at this link

FX-5 Mountain Moto in Development at Harris Performance Harris FX5 Build_2081 Harris FX5 Build_2083 Harris FX5 Build_2086 Harris_1551 Harris_1563 Harris_1577 Harris_1583