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FX using Navdy’s pre-ordering platform

We’re setting up our pre-order program on Tilt Open, the same platform used by Navdy but Kickstarter-style with $50,000 minimum pre-orders in total before we push the button and start the 120 day countdown to production launch! USA pre-orders opening next week or 2 to wait list customers (sign up at, then we’ll roll out Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, and other main markets.

The crowdfunding is dead…long live the crowdfunding!

After years of testing different ways to produce a commercial lightbulb, Edison said, “I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Recently, FX Bikes tested the UK equity-crowdfunding market by offering 10% of our company for £200,000 on the Crowdcube platform. We did not fail, we just found one way to raise capital that didn’t work!

So, onto the next test, but this time it is going to be very different. Instead of looking for investment to launch production, we’ve reworked our budget and we are confident that we can now launch using pre-orders alone!

Our top finance person was Financial Director of Harley-Davidson Europe and is just triple-checking the numbers to be super-sure we can deliver if we reach a minimum level of pre-orders. We’ll let you know when that is all confirmed and our pre-order program is ready on Tilt Open, the same platform that uses.

Wait list customers will be first to be invited to pre-order using a massive 20% discount voucher. That’s a US$1000 to $3000 saving, so if you are not on the wait list yet now is the time to sign up at!

All the best,
Mike Hodgkinson