Investment with FX and production update

Our production program is currently on hold until we raise the $600k we need to gain compliance and start manufacturing Mountain Motos in economic quantities. Do share our website with anyone you think might qualify as an accredited investor and who might be interested in joining our former VP of Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee for an(…)

Trials vs FX

A surprising (to me) number of people compare the FX Mountain Moto to trials motorcycles, probably because both are at the light end of performance-off-road motorcycles. The most obvious difference is that trials motos don’t have seats…it’s stand-up riding all the way.  FX has the geometry and footpeg-seat-handlebar triangle of a full size enduro motorcycle.(…)

FX5 pre-orders pass $70k in 4 days

Members of our wait list were given an exclusive invitation on 1 November to be the first to receive deliveries of the new FX5 range of Mountain Motos heading to the United States from our factory in Italy in mid-2015.  By 5 November pre-orders had reached US$72,450, passing our initial target of $50,000 and almost(…)

FX using Navdy’s pre-ordering platform

We’re setting up our pre-order program on Tilt Open, the same platform used by Navdy but Kickstarter-style with $50,000 minimum pre-orders in total before we push the button and start the 120 day countdown to production launch! USA pre-orders opening next week or 2 to wait list customers (sign up at, then we’ll roll out(…)

The crowdfunding is dead…long live the crowdfunding!

After years of testing different ways to produce a commercial lightbulb, Edison said, “I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Recently, FX Bikes tested the UK equity-crowdfunding market by offering 10% of our company for £200,000 on the Crowdcube platform. We did not fail, we just found one way to(…)

FX Newsletter Feb 2014

If you are not signed up to our mailing or waiting list, here is our latest newsletter.  The text is below but it looks much prettier with pictures on your browser at this link.   Birth of the FX5, production plans for 2014, 10% of FX Bikes up for sale, upcoming crowdfunding. Is this email(…)

New specifications for next-gen FX5

FX started as a kind of motorized mountain bike but after extensive testing discovered that even the most extreme Downhill bicycle suspension, brakes, wheels, tires etc. were not capable of the kind of performance and durability our test riders and customers wanted. So now there are virtually zero bicycle components on our new FX5 models,(…)

Photos of next-gen FX in development at MotoGP engineers Harris Performance

FX Bikes is developing its next-generation FX5 production models at Harris Performance in the UK. Harris is a famous name in motorcycles. They ran the Suzuki World Superbike team for 3 years, have built and raced many a MotoGP bike, are official technical support for Ohlins suspension, and they design and manufacture a range of(…)

Engine research at MiniMotoSX Las Vegas

The new range of FX5 Mountain Motos is designed to use any of the Honda and Honda-clone pit bike, monkey bike, Madass, postie bike and CT-range off-road motorcycle engines, from 125cc up to 190cc. We’ve been researching these engines for years and have tested in our early generation prototypes: Honda CRF50, Honda-Takegawa 88cc, Honda-Kitaco 125cc,(…)

Kenny Roberts at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering 2013

Chatting with William Weslow at Moto Scoot in Milwaukee about my upcoming engine-research trip to the MiniMotoSX world championship in Las Vegas, he tells me he’s heading to the Quail Show in Monterey and I should come along to meet some good people in the industry. Little did I know that when I got there(…)

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