Q: What is the FX Mountain Moto?

A: It’s the world’s lightest performance-off-road motorcycle, a super-lightweight dirt bike that crosses over between motocross and mountain bikes to form a totally new category of ‘mountain motorcycle’ – that’s why we call it Mountain Moto!

Q: Is it really the world’s lightest performance-off-road motorcycle? By how much?

A: At as light as 132lb / 60kg ready to ride, we know of no other adult-sized performance-off-road motorcycle bike that comes close. Sikk was the first company to follow the FX Bikes concept with a similar looking machine that had a claimed weight of 161lb / 73kg (not sure if this was ready to ride or dry weight), but they seemed to go out of business when the 2008 recession hit.  Motopeds were next, with a large frame kit for Honda CRF50s that requires the customer to fit bicycle wheels, brakes and suspension onto a motorized bicycle weighing what Motopeds used to claim was 120lb / 54kg.  We don’t consider this qualifies as a “performance-off-road-motorcycle.”  Trials motorcycles weigh around 160lb / 70kg ready to ride but have no seat, a tiny fuel tank, and very specific setup for low speed obstacle-tackling.  Some kids-sized bikes are lighter than the FX, such as the Scorpa 4-Tricks, a BMX-sized bike with a 70cc engine and bicycle components.  Otherwise, if you want an adult-sized dirt bike you are looking at 200lb / 90kg to 265lb / 120kg or more.

Q: How do you make these bikes so light?!  You must use advanced materials like carbon fiber and titanium, right?  Bicycle components?

A: FX does not use bicycle parts (except for motocross-sized Downhill mountain bike handlebars!)  And we don’t rely on advanced materials either.  After years of testing hundreds of combinations of parts and materials, we’ve developed a performance-off-road motorcycle using a unique new configuration of components from enduro, motocross, mini-motocross, pit-bikes and trials motorcycles, integrated with a state-of-the-art perimeter trellis frame and swing-arm in TIG-welded tubular chrome molybdenum steel down to 0.9mm (0.036″) wall thickness.

Q: What can I do on an FX?

A: The FX Mountain Moto is perfect for seasoned adventure riders to explore virgin territory, or for virgin dirt bike riders to explore a new world of adventure!
FX wants to put superb super-lightweight performance and handling in the hands of as many people as possible, and to provide the dramatic increase in safety and fun factor which only a quality motorcycle can provide.  The FX Mountain Moto can be used for trail riding, play riding, hill-climbing, racing, hunting, and commuting without having to slow down for speed bumps! It offers the best of both worlds, mountain bike and motorcycle.

Q: Where can I ride it?

A: FX can be ridden anywhere an off-road motorcycle can ride, on road with street-legal models, and more.  It is ideally suited to tight trails and technical singletracks, and, due to its agility and nimbleness, is also a superb companion for hunting & fishing.
Remember – the FX Mountain Moto is a motorcycle, albeit one which is very gentle on the terrain, thanks to its lightness and smooth power delivery. If you wish to ride on private property, you may need permission from the owner of the land.

Q: I have a CRF 50/Replica/pit bike engine at home. Can I buy the FX
Mountain Moto without an engine and install my own?

A: We may offer this option in the future but we don’t recommend it.  Some engines may not fit easily and require modifications at a machine shop, which can quickly cost you what you would have saved, plus it voids your warranty, so unless you have a super-kitted race engine and workshop access, we recommend buying your FX complete and keep your engine for a spare.

Q: Where do FX Bikes come from?

FX Bikes started in Christchurch, New Zealand, inspired by the late, great John Britten and his team who built the amazing Britten V1000 race bikes not far from us.  We now have an office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, run by our co-founder, former Vice President of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, Michael Hillman, and production partners HM Moto in Italy.

Q: Can I test ride a Mountain Moto?

A: We have limited availability for demo & test rides.  So far almost all our sales reservations have come sight unseen from people who instantly click with the Mountain Moto concept, often people who ride dirt bikes and mountain bikes and have dreamed of this kind of crossover for some time, or people who just want the lightest off-road bike they can get. Keep in touch for more demo opportunities as our network grows.

Q: Is the FX Mountain Moto fitted with mountain bike brakes?

A: No. We use enduro motorcycle brakes, because mountain bike brakes lack the power to pull up even a superlight motorbike and tend to fade as the thin discs heat up.  (In some of the images on this website, you may see the bike fitted with mountain bike brakes: these photos were taken during the development and testing process).

Q: How much does the FX Mountain Moto cost?

A: Check out the home page of our website for latest prices.

Q: How and when can I get one?!

A: Check the home page of our website for latest info and email or call to find out more.

Q: Do you sell just a frame-set? If not, why not?

A: No, we do not sell frame-sets. The rider’s safety is of supreme importance to FX Bikes. The components our Mountain Motos are fitted with have been carefully chosen, strenuously tested and proven to withstand the structural stresses and demands of the machine.  We
will not put the lives of our customers at risk by encouraging the use of forks or other components which have not been tested and proven safe in this package. The FX is a motorcycle, and it is the super-lightweight nature of its components which requires them to be exceptionally durable and strong.

Q: Do you have dealers in the US?

A: We are selling factory direct at first but rolling out dealers asap.  If you have a favorite dealer a good idea is to ask them to think about being your local FX sales and service center.

Q: Do you have dealers in Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc.?

A: To reduce costs and get to know our customers as closely as possible, we will ship direct from our factory until we roll out our dealer network. Like most new model motorcycles, the initial focus of our sales and support is in a concentrated region. But we will eventually ship to most places in the world so please register your name on our mailing and wait list so we can keep you updated.

Q: I’d like to become an FX Bikes dealer. Where can I find more information on setting up an FX Bikes dealership?

A: Send an email to [email protected] along with some information on your background and your current or envisaged operations and we’ll see what we can work out together.

Q: What kind of paperwork will the FX5 come with? Most American states use the 17-digit VIN stamped on the head tube. Some states will refuse to register it off-road without a standard VIN. Are you going to register with EPA/DOT to be a motorcycle manufacturer, issue register-able VIN numbers, and standard MSO/MCO paperwork?

A: For US deliveries we’ll have VIN, EPA, (we don’t think DOT is required to be registered with for off-road, and for on-road we understand we only need DOT-approved tires, lights, etc), MCO, all included.

Q: The FX looks kind of like a trials bike…how do they compare?

A: Check out this blog post on FX vs trials

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*Answers were correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of writing but are subject to change without notice.