FX Bikes Early Concept: UniCross

FX Bikes UniCross Concept

FX Bikes UniCross Concept

Back in the earliest days of FX, before we were even called FX, there was…UniCross!

This was our first serious visualization of the super-lightweight powered mountain bike we were about to build.

Our technology incubator neighbor and mountain biking buddy, Campbell McGrouther, was a 3D artist and animator who eventually went into production of major motion pictures…we were lucky!

Cam did this mockup for us which was so photorealistic quite a few people, including some engineers at Porsche, thought it was real until we told them otherwise.

It was a great tool to start testing rider feedback on the design.  (The first change we made was to get rid of the bicycle seat!)

FX Bikes Early Concept


Derbi DH 2.0 Concept

Derbi DH 2.0 Concept

In many ways the UniCross and FX-1 concept was like the Derbi DH 2.0 concept that came years later (although the Derbi model was much prettier than our Ugly Duckling!):

  • Both were single speed with centrifugal clutch
  • The Derbi 100cc 4-stroke
  • UniCross was 120cc 2-stroke (grunty!)
  • Both weighed around 40kg / 88lb
  • Both used mountain bike wheels, suspension and brakes
  • Both were never going to work in their current forms!

We could tell you all the reasons why these concepts were not realistic, and why FX has moved to its current designs, but we’d rather let companies like Derbi (part of Piaggio) and anyone else wanting to make super-light motos or powered mountain bikes learn the hard way 🙂