Malcolm Smith, moto legend and friend of FX Bikes. (Image from
Malcolm Smith

“This bike handles REALLY steep hills REALLY well! … I’ve been designing a bike like this in my head for 10 years, and you’ve done it…better than I could have done”

Malcolm Smith – Legendary Baja, hillclimb, trials…champion, star of On Any Sunday with Steve McQueen


John "JK" Kirkcaldie test riding a 2nd generation FX Mountain Moto in Dirt Rider USA
John “JK” Kirkcaldie, Dirt Rider USA

“Amazing…unbelievable. Its sort of the best of both worlds really. Pretty awesome. The possibilities are endless really with this thing. Dirt jump it and race it on a track, or just go trail riding for hours would probably be the most fun. A full size motocross bike would do damage to the track, but it wouldn’t be fun to ride it because its…not nimble enough, but this is just like riding a downhill bike…shuttle yourself”

John Kirkcaldie – 2-time US Downhill mountain bike champion, ex motocross racer (check out a video review by JK here)

They will most likely create their own segment in the fun category… the learner category… they could even begin a new sport… Then there is freestyle… a new sneaker to grab an afternoon ride… An urban assault vehicle for sure!”

Dirt Rider Magazine USA


Ryan Dudek in Cycleworld Ryan Dudek, Cycleworld

“[The FX] is perfect for cutting through uncharted territory, light enough to lift over fences, fast enough to keep you smiling and just big enough for real trail rides.”

Cycleworld Magazine USA


“[FX Bikes] may well revolutionize not only dirt bikes but also BMX and mountain bikes. The Team FX could easily become the most fun toy you could get your hands on.”

Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine


“Are FX Bikes’ Machines the Beginning of Super-light, Super-fun Dirt Bikes?”

Dirt Rider Magazine USA


Shayne King testing an FX-3 Mountain Moto
Shayne King

“This bike is a weapon! It feels just like a motocross bike, but with all the fun of it being lightweight and easy to ride like a mountain bike.”

Shayne King – 1996 World 500cc Motocross Champion


“The ‘FX Bike’ is unique. It let’s you enjoy riding in places that neither a dirt bike or mountain bike can. How sweet is that!”

Josh Coppins – 2005 MX1 world championship 2nd place


” I’m just going wherever I want to go, it doesn’t matter what’s in your way, it just goes straight through it, its unbelieveable. “

Brendon Miers – 1998 New Zealand 250cc 4-stroke Motocross Champion (watch a video review of an FX-4 by Brendon here)


” Everything is a playground! …on a motocross bike or enduro based bike, I would’ve gone home ages ago.”

Hayden McKay – motocross and supercross champion (check out one of Hayden’s FX test ride videos here)


FX Bikes David Pingree testing a 2nd generation Mountain Moto
David Pingree

” Awesome!”

David “Ping” Pingree – supercross and supermoto champion


How does this compare to your KLX for riding around this kind of trail (tight forest singletrack and obstacle course)? “Oh you’d be sick of it by now. This thing…you don’t even think about it, you just ride it! The old heavy beast you’d be absolutely worn out by now.”

David Jobe – former Honda motocross team manager (watch the video here)


“For me this is just a really enjoyable tool that can take me completely away from the rest of civilization”

Bruce Everett – had always ridden road motorcycles until trying the FX (more on Bruce’s video here)


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