Super-Enthusiast Riders – Apply Now For A Factory-Sponsored FX!

If you have got what it takes to push FX as far as it can go, we have very limited places for Factory Riders to receive cost-price factory bikes and parts.

Your goal – use the unprecedented lightness of FX to develop radical new sports.

Sponsorship is limited to advanced or professional level riders from all disciplines, and to hardcore adventurers even if less advanced on motorcycles.

Some ideas for new FX-based sports:

  • Extreme Terrain Enduro – like Romaniacs or Last Man Standing but more technical, less open sections, a wider range of competitors able to finish…
  • Stadium Racing – like Endurocross or Indoor Trials, but more flowing, more jumps, more extreme high-speed obstacles…
  • SUV Multi-Sport Rally – like the Baja or Dakar, but with co-drivers taking extreme terrain diversions on carrier-mounted Mountain Motos?!
  • Freestyle – what can you do on a 125lb moto that can’t be done on any other bike – barrel-rolls, triple back-flips, giant pipes and grind parks??!!
  • Guinness-Record Exploration Events – go where no motorcyclist has gone before – Everest Base Camp, Length of the Rockies…???!!!

How to Apply

  1. Email us at [email protected] with your background, location and sports ideas to get your name on the applications list. Include whatever links, photos and other material you can on your experience.
  2. The next step is a 12 month promotional plan with details of specific events or missions you are proposing.

Its like Honda sponsoring top level racers as Factory Riders…they want to know their race records and what races they’re going to compete in so they can predict the value of any publicity they achieve.

Or maybe FX is more like BMW sponsoring Ewan McGregor for the Long Way Round…him and his documentary crew had the whole trip planned and the coverage was obviously going to be huge. (From memory they tried KTM first but were either turned down for a sponsorship discount or decided the Beemers would be more reliable).

We don’t expect you to win a world championship or make a prime time TV series, but the more you are able to share the FX story the more discount we can offer!

Just to be clear, most sponsored moto racers, and I’m pretty sure even Ewan McGregor, still get charged cost price for their motorcycles. We’re yet to specify the final cost of the new FX-5 models, and we’ll probably have to keep it confidential, but it will be less than the Development Rider price.

klr650 stuck in mud

Go Where No Heavyweight Adventure Bike Has Gone Before